Lifts data

DESIGNATION Name Length Level difference Throughput / 1 hour
A Chairlift 650 m 197 m 2400 persons
B T-bar lift 470 m 100 m 700 persons
C T-bar lift 320 m 55 m 750 persons
D T-bar lift 250 m 30 m 720 persons
E T-bar lift 80 m 15 m 520 persons
F Belt lift 70 m 15 m 800 persons

Mapa wyciągów

The slope is artificially snowed, illuminated and groomed

We invite you to our Karczma Harenda at the lower station of the railway, the hut at Curusia near the T-bar lifts, the dining point with a viewing terrace at the upper station of the chairlift or to relax on the ice rink.

Details of the chairlift:

    Technical data:

    Manufacturer: LEITNER company
    Type: 4-person chairs with a sofa separated for each person individually,
    The length of the piste on the slope is 600 m
    Level difference 210.00 m
    Average slope of the route 21 degrees and 35%
    Driving speed 2.6 m/s
    Capacity (carrying capacity) 2,400 persons/hour
    Time interval between seats 6.00 s
    Linear spacing of chairs 15.60 m
    Number of chairs 73 pcs.
    Journey time 3.43 minutes
    Number of supports 6 pcs.
    Uphill transportation 100%
    Downhill transportation 25%
    Bottom station: Freestanding
    Conveyor belt at the bottom station: It is used to transport skiers from the mechanically adjustable access to the open-arm chairlift at rail speeds of 1.0 to 2.6 m/s. The opening of the entrance gate is regulated according to the speed, taking into account the processes of starting and stopping. The speed of the conveyor belt is synchronized with the movement of the railway in all possible states of its operation, including mechanical braking.
    Upper station: Platform of the upper station made in a special construction with a ramp for downhill skiing.
    Supports: Support height from 5.4 m to 18 m, set on reinforced concrete slab and block foundations. Depending on the terrain, the supports are inclined towards the bottom of the slope by 20% to limit longitudinal forces and reduce vibrations. Number of supports 6 pieces.