Wynajem Pokoi Gościnnych Stachoń Katarzyna

ul. Harenda 32 D, 34-500 Zakopane

Prices: od 30 zł do 40 zł

We offer you:
- 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-person rooms
- Rooms with bathrooms
- In each room there is a TV and a cordless kettle

The facility additionally offers:
- Catering on site
- Disco room with table tennis
- Place to park cars
- A gazebo with a grill

We accept green schools, winter camps, trips and other organized groups.
We also invite individual guests.

Possibility of organizing a sleigh ride with a bonfire and roasting lamb, piglet and sausages.

Possibility to rent a gym in the school next door.

Room price list:
Organized groups PLN 30-35 per person per day
Individuals PLN 35-40 per person per night
*Room price depends on room type and length of stay.

Breakfast PLN 10 per person
Dinner PLN 15 per person