Summer with Harenda!

Tourists resting in Zakopane are invited to HARENDA, providing active recreation in the fresh air.

For those who love hiking, we suggest taking the chairlift to the upper station of HARENDY, and then walking along the asphalt path (about 45 minutes on foot) to Gubałówka, or if you have enough strength, to Butorowy or Szymaszkowa.

All the time we will be accompanied by a wonderful panorama of the Tatra Mountains. On the way we pass Ząb - the highest situated village in Poland. This is where Kamil Stoch - our Olympian - comes from.

Less active tourists are recommended to take the chairlift to the upper station where you can relax using the free sunbeds on the observation deck and have a meal in a small bar. We will be accompanied by peace and quiet so unheard of in other places.

Fully relaxed, we go down the funicular. On the main street, we can see an old wooden well, preserved in very good condition, which once served the inhabitants of this estate. Nearby, on the same side, there is a historic roadside chapel. This shrine was already marked in 1848 on the Austrian cadastral map. It is only a few steps from here and we can visit the 18th-century church and the museum of Jan Kasprowicz.

At the foot of the slope, there is a shepherd's hut, where you can buy fresh oscypek cheese and drink Żętyca.
There is a large highlander inn at the lower station of the chairlift. In the summer, traditional highlander weddings are held here almost every Saturday. Perhaps you will also be able to see a young couple dressed in highlander costumes, accompanied by musicians and guests in horse-drawn carriages.

Harenda is the starting point of many bicycle trips. If you do not have your own bike, you can use the local rental. More details in the bikes tab.

Here you can also see extreme downhill cyclists in action during the summer. Their outfit and how they cope with cycling on steep slopes are not without an impression.

Here everyone will find something for themselves.

lato z Harendą!